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Annual Events

Mr. Riverview

Senior boys compete for the title of Mr. Riverview.  Competition includes theme, talent and formal wear. 

Sponsored by Senior Board

Lady Ram

Senior ladies compete for the title of Lady Ram.  Competition includes theme, talent and formal wear. 

Sponsored by Junior Board

Riverview Got Talent

Open to all students. Showcase your talent by competing in this fun and exciting talent show!

Sponsored by Sophomore Board

Riverview Silent Auction

Bid online for some amazing prizes!

Sponsored by Freshman Board

*All clubs are student created and student run.  Staff merely provides a safe place and supervision.  Staff do not create, recruit or form student clubs.  No tax dollars are used to support our school clubs; RHS clubs are self-funded through fundraising and club dues.  Club sponsors kindly volunteer their time and are not paid for sponsoring clubs.  RHS students have the opportunity to attend clubs of their choice and we appreciate and honor the diversity of Riverview's community and student body.  All Riverview clubs follow the Equal Access Act of 1984

The last day for new clubs applications for the 2022-2023 school year is Oct. 28th

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