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Riverview Guidance Services Department

Students are encouraged to get to know their school counselor. School counselors are specialists in the area of human behavior and development. They can be a valuable resource to students by providing information and direction in selecting school courses, applying to colleges or vocational schools, choosing career paths and dealing with personal or social problems in school or at home. They are available to assist and support students in making important academic, personal, social and career decisions

Joe Bazenas- Intervention Specialist  

Ciara Van Ness- Last names beginning A-C

Vicki Hughes- Last names beginning with D- I 

Kristen McMahon- Last names beginning with J- M

Katherine BorrielloLast names beginning N-R and IBCP

Kathryn Sperber- Last names beginning with S- Z

Carla Harding- Last names beginning A through Ma; IBDP

Rose Beach- Guidance Chair- Last names beginning Mc through Z; IBDP

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