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Warhammer Club

Meeting Times

  • Day:  Wednesday

  • Time:  2:30 PM

  • Location:  5-133

  • Sponsor:  Mr. Lichter

Club Description

Warhammer club is a club about all things Warhammer, a tabletop role playing/battle game. Most of the members seem to be in the Warhammer 40k universe as opposed to Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. We learn about the game, how to play it, tactics, army composition, etc. Through the game club members will also learn good sportsmanship, critical thinking, and (my favorite parts) how to use a tape measure and do MATH! We also use this time to assemble models, paint them, build terrain and game boards. And, since I am nerd and can't help myself, they will be subjected to learning the lore (because I love the books!) I personally enjoy the game/hobby and I am the instructor of the Construction Academy, so club members have the opportunity (if they are interested) to learn how to use different tools and materials to make terrain and game boards. Warhammer is a game best played with friends, so come join in on the fun and make some new friends!



All are welcome!


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