Senior Area

Nominate one senior boy and one senior girl for prom King and Queen.  Nominations close at 3:00 PM on Friday April 29th.  Voting for King and Queen will take place in the lobby area of the Hyatt at the start of prom, so don't forget to vote!

Cap and Gown


OPTION 1:  Click on the button below to purchase your cap and gown.  The price goes up the longer you wait, so purchase yours today!  You can also order graduation announcements and other graduation swag!  If you purchase a cap and gown from Herff Jones, DO NOT buy option 2!

OPTION 2:  If you are borrowing a cap and gown from a previous RHS graduate you still need to purchase a grad pack!  The grad pack contains your tassel, medallion and diploma cover.  Only buy the grad pack if you are borrowing a cap and gown!

**In order to walk at graduation, you must select one of these two options.  YOU WILL PICK UP YOUR CAP AND GOWN OR GRAD PACK DURING SENIOR NIGHT.



Tickets now on sale!!  Before and after school in the breezeway.

$85 per ticket, this includes your gourmet dinner!

Hyatt Regency Sarasota
1000 Boulevard of the Arts
Sarasota, FL 34236

When:  May 7th

When:  6:00 PM

If you are brining a non-Riverview student 

  1. All guests must be currently enrolled in a high school.  If they are not enrolled in a high school they may not attend our prom.

  2. Download and print the guest application form.  Complete the top portion of the form (Step 1)

  3. Take the form to the guest's school administration to be filled out and signed (Step 2)

  4. Have an RHS administrator sign and the completed form (Step 3)

You cannot buy your guest a ticket until this completed form is returned. 

**Check back for more information and prom policies.  

Senior Night

Senior Night is a night of food, games, and reminiscing!  You will pick up your caps and gowns, get your yearbook signed, get your graduation tickets and be able to purchase your GPA honor cords!  Don't miss this fun night!

When:  May 10th
When:  5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Where:  Cafeteria 

Seniors who are borrowing a cap and gown still need to purchase a grad pack, click the link below to purchase yours today!


GPA Honor Cords

**GPA honor cords are now on sale!  GPA honor cords are based off the accumulative GPA through the 3rd quarter of the Senior year, we cannot calculate in the 4th quarter as those grades will not post until graduation.


Buy your honor cords here:
*You may only purchase the cord that you qualify for.  If you purchase the wrong cord, the correct cord will be given to you.


Robarts Arena
3000 Ringling Blvd.
Sarasota, FL 34237

Date:  May 21st 

Time: 9:30 AM

*Graduates need to report to the Potter Building at 8:00 AM

*Parents can arrive at 8:30 AM

Tickets and Seating:

Tickets will be given out on Senior Night, May 10th from 5p.m.-8p.m. Only seniors that have purchased a cap/gown or a grad pack will be given tickets. Please bring ID with you when picking up your tickets. Tickets cannot be replaced if lost before graduation; once a graduate signs for his/her tickets, he/she is responsible for said tickets. Please keep your tickets in a safe place once picked up.

Caps and Gowns:
To order a cap and gown, go to Herff Jones.  Or, if you are using a cap and gown from a past graduate, please purchase the grad pack at here. If you have any questions regarding cap and gown and/or grad pack purchase, please email
Failure to buy the appropriate items for graduation will result in the forfeit of graduation tickets.
Graduation Rehearsal:
TBA:  Check back for more information.
Graduation Day:
TBA:  Check back for more information.  All young ladies and gentlemen of Riverview should arrive with their gown, cap and tassel.

Parents & Guest:

Doors will open at TBA  Guests, ages 3 and older, must have a ticket to enter, and we ask they be in their seats before TBA.  Seating is by ticket only and guests will not be allowed in the arena without a valid ticket. Late arrivals will not be allowed in the arena once the ceremony starts.  

Doors to Robarts Arena will close promptly at TBA   

1) The doors will remain closed until the end of the ceremony.  

2) Allow plenty of time to park and walk.  Traffic will be heavy.  Locked out is left out.  Please do not be late for this very important event.


Please be aware that your graduate could be seated in a different row/seat on graduation day than was originally assigned due to absentees and non-graduates. 


The program should last just under two hours.  Please make arrangements with your graduate to determine where you will meet after graduation with respect to the entrance of the arena. Balloons, noise-making devices and umbrellas are not permitted in the arena as they obstruct the viewing and hearing of the other guests.  If available, Riverview yearbooks will also be sold at graduation for $90.00.  A check can be made out to Riverview High School.


Cell Phones:


All cell phones must be on silent inside Robarts Arena.  




Young men and women of Riverview are required to wear business casual attire. (Such as: a white or light-colored dress shirt with an appropriate necktie, a dress, or a skirt and a blouse).  If wearing dress slacks students are also required to wear dark dress slacks, dark dress shoes, and dark socks.  Jeans, shorts, T-shirts, flip-flops, and sneakers are not allowed.  Shoes with low heels or flats are required (be aware of the steps and stage that you will have to negotiate).  


Note:  Failure to meet the dress code outlined above could result in the student being prohibited from participating in the graduation ceremony. Students will be checked for appropriate attire prior to being admitted into Robarts Arena.


Videos And Photographs:    


Please be considerate of all the graduates and the flow of the ceremony if taking your own photographs, keeping the aisles clear.  Graduation pictures can be taken in front of the complex. At the conclusion of the ceremony, please remain seated until all graduates have exited the arena.


The ceremony will be live streamed via YouTube. More details will be released the week of the ceremony.


All of us at Riverview High School are very proud of this special group of young men and women.  We expect great things from them in the future.  Let’s make this a special day to remember.  If your student does not plan to be at graduation, please advise Michele Fulmer by calling Riverview, 923-1484, Ext. 64241.

Tartan Yearbooks

Order your yearbook today!  The price goes up the longer you wait.