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Become a partner of Riverview High School!

Donate and become a partner in RHS education and athletics.  With this unique opportunity, you decide where you want your money to go!  $250 gets you a year ad on our popular RHS Activities website!  You send us your company's logo and we will do the rest, including putting a link to your company's website.  You will watch your business grow and support RHS at the same time!  You will also get an invoice for tax deduction purposes.  You can't go wrong!

Let’s Work Together

Help us help our students!

What package would you like?
Where would you like your money to go?
      What will your money be used for?

Academic support will go towards providing technology in the classroom, textbooks, science lab equipment, and other materials to help students succeed in the classroom.

Kiltie Band will go towards buying new instruments, music and uniforms.

Student Activates will go towards supporting all of RHS clubs, homecoming, prom, and all student activities that take place outside of the classroom.

Athletic donations will go towards new uniforms and equipment.
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