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Selfie with Elfie

My Goodness, Rams!  The week has flown,

And Elfie’s gone from room to room

To play this game of hide and seek

With one more place that still does loom.

So where was he just yesterday?

Where jobs and colleges are sought

The Center for our Rams’ Success

Our students always learn a lot!

Throughout the week our elf has gone

From dining in to buying gear

Next, counsel from our IB staff

Then what to do for his career.

Elf’s final day to meet his match!

This last one though will be quite tough

The main thing that you’ll need to know

An office lurks.  Is that enough?

Perhaps it is, but just in case

An S and L should help you out

Are you the champ of Elfie’s game?

Go five for five and leave no doubt!

Selfie with Elfie

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