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Tis the Season

You Can Help Support RHS!

Student clubs and activities are completely self funded through dues and donations.  These clubs and activities are important for building school culture and providing a holistic education for our students.

Image by Mark Teachey

Photography Club

Did you get a new camera for Christmas?  Donate your old one to Riverview's photography club.  Any camera equipment will be greatly appreciated.  Many of our students who are interested in joining photography club cannot afford a camera, so you can help! 

Chess Club

Our chess club is one of the most popular clubs on campus.  With more students wanting to learn to play, we need more chess boards.  

Image by Barry Weatherall
Image by Sebastian Herrmann

Art Supplies

All of our clubs participate in art activities such as door decoration competitions and making homecoming decorations.  Any and all art supplies will help our clubs make Riverview a fun and beautiful place.

Book Club

Done reading that book?  Consider donating it to our book club!

Image by Ugur Akdemir
Image by Rachel Coyne

Creative Writing Club

Donate an unused journal or notebook so our students can fill it with all sorts of fantastic stories and poems!

Crochet Club

This is a new club at RHS, so they have little start up material.  They need yarn, crochet hooks and other crochet materials.

Image by Paula Heckathorn

Rocketry Club

This is also a new club at RHS.  Any model rocket kits are materials will be greatly appreciated!

Softball Club

Softball club is separate from our softball team.  They need bats, gloves, and softballs.  Anything helps!

Image by Winston Chen
Image by Elena Kloppenburg

Yoga Club

Yoga club is need of yoga mats and light weights!

With over 60 clubs, honor societies and programs we need a variety of items.

If you have something that you think RHS may be interested in, please click the donate button below!  Thanks for your support!

Image by Markus Winkler
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