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The Art Club

Meeting Times

  • Day:  Monday and Friday

  • Time:  2:20 PM

  • Location:  5-138

  • Sponsor:  Ms. Bauer

Club Description

The Art Club provides students with the opportunity to embrace their creative side and connect with peers by participating in the creation of various forms of art and exciting projects together with the assistance of Mrs. Bauer. Students that participate in this club are also able to earn community service hours and even go on fieldtrips in the program.  We will take part in two large projects; one of our projects is called the beautification project where we go to a title 1 school to paint a mural on one of their walls. This project will help to decrease the risk of mental health within the students and to bring more positivity in the school by the use of vibrant colors and designs.


Membership is open to all Riverview students.


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